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Happy New Year!

It’s a warm but dark day here in Atlanta. The temperature is in the pleasant 60+, but we’ve had sporadic showers all morning. I’m sitting through the third one right now. 

Although I didn’t do any shopping in December, I started the year 2011 with two online purchases this morning. I bought a pair of rain shoes on Amazon. When I was living in China, everyone there had a pair of rain boots. It’s hard to believe that I’ve lived in Atlanta for 19 years without them. But as much rain as we have here, it rarely happens while I’m commuting. After I moved to Decatur in March 2009, I’ve been walking a lot more, and I’ve experienced enough discomfort in my feet and damage to my shoes to finally decide that I really need a pair of rain shoes now.

I also paid for a half-year subscription for the Economist magazine. I don’t remember when I discovered this magazine, but I’ve always enjoyed reading it ever since. Of course I can read it for free in the library or a bookstore, but I feel that it is a too difficult commitment to go somewhere to read an entire issue in one sitting on a weekly basis, so it’s worth the cost of getting a portable copy and taking it with me wherever I go. I know that the more issues I subscribe at once, the cheaper it is per issue, but I want to try it for only six-months first to see if I can really stick to the reading.

The earliest possible dance weekend that I’ve planned for is AACE in June. We will start another 10-K preparation on Monday and file at the end of February. During this time I won’t be able to take any weekdays off, and we’ll be working overtime on most days. Even though I can fly to Importers on a Saturday morning and come back on Sunday night, I’d rather take it easy and get enough rest on weekends. 

Hotlanta Squares will not have a fly-in this year, but we will have our 10-year anniversary dance two weeks from today, with Anne and Tim Marriner calling. In February Roger Loney will call for our Valentine Dance. In March I have the annual Peach State Dance weekend to look forward to.  I will work on the first quarter 10-Q from April 1st to May 10th, and after that I will have my first real slow period at work.